Apr 28 2014


When you hear the term, BYOB, what do you normally think of? Bring your own bottle? beverage? beer? booze? How about Be Your Own Bartender? But before we go into why you should Be Your Own Bartender, how about a quick quiz? How many standard drinks do you think are in this drink? Being poured in this punch? …

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Apr 17 2014

Marijuana Brownies

Marijuana is arguably the most controversial drug in the world today. However, some research suggests edibles should receive their own debate. What’s all the hullabaloo about? Cannabis “edibles” often possess unpredictable strength. Unlike smoking which introduces the cannabinoids into the bloodstream and into cannabinoid receptors in the brain, edibles are introduced through the gastrointestinal tract …

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Mar 27 2014

Athletes and Dry Season

Whether you’re an athlete or not, you’ve heard of “dry season.” Read on to learn about some reasons why a team might decide to limit alcohol consumption while it’s in season.

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Mar 11 2014

Spring Break, Where Dreams Come True

#SafeSpringBreak #BlockOutTheSun #NotYourMemories #1: Buddy System There are all types of friends. Some you can trust to help you come up with master plans: Others you can trust to keep yourself together: Bottom line: Friends are fun AND helpful! Using the buddy system might take making plans or pulling your friends together when they need …

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Mar 04 2014

Beyonce and Bacardi: Popular Music and Drinking Culture

We all listen to these songs as we get ready to go out, do homework, work out and even sing them horribly in the shower. But how much have we been paying attention to the dangerous drinking habits a lot of these songs encourage? Here are 9 songs* that show the influence alcohol and drinking …

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Feb 25 2014

10 Things to Do this Weekend

We get it: you’re busy. Midterm season is upon us, and you’ve probably been behind your desk studying away or writing papers for most of the week. A weekend night out could be exactly what you want, but it might not be the best thing for your productivity levels come Sunday. So, what can you do this weekend? Whether you normally choose not to drink, or if you just want to have a low key night that doesn’t involve alcohol, DAPA has come up with 10 fun #alternatives that you can do over any weekend!

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Feb 17 2014

7 Lessons We Can Learn From Our Favorite Characters

Alcohol and drinking can be portrayed in a light sense on TV screens and in movie theaters. Comedies often poke fun at the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption, but we’ve seen of our favorite TV and movie characters learn some serious lessons about their drinking. Here are 7 lessons learned the hard way.

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Jan 08 2014

Study Drugs

Before you consider reaching for a study drug (stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin) to keep you up and productive, here are some things to keep in mind about the effects of these drugs.   Combining study drugs with: -Decongestants (everyone’s sick right now, we know) can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels -Alcohol can give …

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Dec 05 2013

Destructive Words = Destructive Actions Campaign

Why are the words associated with excessive consumption of alcohol (smashed, hammered, wrecked, etc.) so destructive?

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Nov 13 2013

FLP: Substantial Food

DAPA encourages “substantial foods.” What does that even mean, and what kinds of foods qualify?

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