Feb 17 2014

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7 Lessons We Can Learn From Our Favorite Characters

Alcohol and drinking can be portrayed in a light sense on TV screens and in movie theaters. Comedies often poke fun at the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption, but we’ve seen of our favorite TV and movie characters learn some serious lessons about their drinking. Here are 7 lessons learned the hard way:


1. The Big Bang Theory: Even the smartest of people might stumble on the simplest of questions if they can’t remember what happened the night before. Blacking out has serious implications on memory formation. You’re smart, so party smart.

2. How I Met Your Mother: At his optimal buzz, Marshall has the best dance moves in the club. But as he keeps drinking, his BAC continues to increase. Then he just looks downright creepy. If you choose to drink when going out, remember to set limits and keep track of what you consume.


3. The Hangover: These guys know that they do pretty dumb things when they’re drunk. So then why do they let it get to that point? Once you pass your optimal buzz, alcohol consumption quickly leads to negative effects.

4. Mean Girls: Janis Ian thought that Cady had an “awesome” time at her party.

Little did she know… Cady actually spent the end of her night rejecting the alcohol she consumed and looking at Aaron Samuels’ feet. Vomiting is a sign of alcohol poisoning, and at this point Cady’s night was far from awesome.


5. Jersey Shore: A nonchalant attitude about drinking a lot often got Snooki into trouble. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and when consumed in excess can lead to behaviors you might regret. Right, Snooki?

6. Gossip Girl: They might be fun in the beginning, but drinking games can make it hard to keep track of your drinks. Even Queen B couldn’t escape the consequences of playing drinking games gone awry.

7. Glee: Blaine thought this was the best party ever, and it looks like it was! But it was the worst morning ever when he woke up the next day. There’s no way Blaine was productive when he was hungover. Keeping your priorities, schedules, and workload in mind if you choose to drink at a party can help to ensure that you get the next day off to a good start.

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