Smoking Marijuana versus Taking an Edible

Tetradhydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the chemical that causes the high that people affiliate with marijuana. THC is a psychoactive drug and it activates the cannabinoid receptors in one’s brain. There are several ways in which someone can consume marijuana, some ways being: smoking via joint, from a vaporizer, cooked into food or eaten via edibles, or some sort of topical administration. The way that it affects a person is by eventually getting into the bloodstream and impacting the brain of the person.

    Something most users don’t...

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Alcohol & Sleep

As final deadlines for classes approach, sleep is getting more and more valuable (and rare...). Check out this blog post on Alcohol & Sleep  originally posted on Harvard's Department of Health Promotion and Education (HPE) blog! For more information visit...

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When you hear the term, BYOB, what do you normally think of? Bring your own bottle? beverage? beer? booze?


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Marijuana Brownies

Marijuana is arguably the most controversial drug in the world today.
However, some research suggests edibles should receive their own debate.


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Athletes and Dry Season

The spotlight on sports this month (Go Crimson!) got us thinking about how alcohol can affect the body and brain, as well as how it can limit athletic performance.


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