When you hear the term, BYOB, what do you normally think of? Bring your own bottle? beverage? beer? booze?

                                                                                                                                                                                                        How about Be Your Own Bartender? But before we go into why you should BYour Own Bartender, how about a quick quiz? How many standard drinks do you think are in this drink?

Being poured in this punch?

Were poured in these solo cups?

If you answered “I don’t know” to all of these questions, you’re right. When you are not pouring the drink yourself, or seeing how much alcohol is being put in, it’s impossible to know how many standard drinks you are being given.


We understand that if you’re out at a bar, you will not be able to pour your own drink, but if you are at a party, you certainly have the ability to do so. If someone hands you a drink in a solo cup, how are you supposed to know what is in your drink? Being your own bartender allows you to be in control. This way, you know exactly how much/ what is going into your cup, whether you’re drinking alcohol or not.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…punch. Often sweet and colorful, our senses are easily distracted. However, that sweetness of juice masks the taste of alcohol, and since you did not make the punch, you’re not aware of how many standard drinks are actually in “one cup”.

While we like to hope otherwise, everything but the kitchen sink can be in it! Beyond juice and alcohol– you never know what’s in there if you didn’t make it yourself.

Our advice about punch bowls is simple: try to avoid them.

Although we are encouraging you to be your own bartender, we do not mean you should drink directly from the bottle

or pour yourself an endless drink

If you are drinking hard alcohol, make sure to measure it by using a shot glass.

And always know what is really in your drink. Remember that the number of standard drinks in cocktails vary. This chart is a helpful reminder to think before your drink.


So from now on, when you see BYOB, also think “BYour Own Bartender”.