Study Drugs

Before you consider reaching for a study drug (stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin) to keep you up and productive, here are some things to keep in mind about the effects of these drugs.

Combining study drugs with:

-Decongestants (everyone’s sick right now, we know) can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels

-Alcohol can give you a false sense of sobriety. This means you could be extremely or dangerously intoxicated and not fully aware of it

-Stress could make you miserable to be around. Using study drugs increases aggression and agitation

Study drugs can also heighten feelings of restlessness. After working hard and studying all day, why risk the chance of not being able to sleep at night?

Lastly, combining study drugs with academic performance can lead to dependency. Not physical dependency, like with many other drugs, but mental dependency.  Try to consider whether you can't do that paper, pset, or project without it- it's a lot harder to end a habit than it is to never engage in it. You might surprise yourself with how much you can do on your own!

Check out our posters (PopTarts, not Pills) around campus for tips on how to stay awake while studying!