Food Literacy Project: Substantial Food

Find yourself stuck with the task of filling out the DAPA Grant Application for your club’s party this weekend? It's difficult to coordinate food for parties because it's hard to decide what to provide, but then you notice that DAPA encourages “substantial foods.” What does that even mean? What kinds of foods qualify? Substantial foods are foods that take your body more time to metabolize compared to other food types. Therefore, in instances when someone is both eating and drinking alcohol, the alcohol is absorbed more slowly than it  would be otherwise.

Substantial foods include slow digesting carbohydrates like brown rice, oatmeal, beans and whole grains. These carbohydrates can come in the form of pizza, a quinoa salad, or even Indian restaurant take out. Proteins and healthy fats like peanut butter, nuts, and olive oil also make up the substantial food group. If you’re thinking of what foods to have at your party that fall into this category, the Harvard Food and Literacy Project suggests nuts, fruit, cheese, hummus or yogurt. The next time you’re stuck with planning the food for your DAPA Grant-funded party, keep this information in mind. If you have any questions about other foods you may think are substantial feel free to reach out to us!