10 Things to do this Weekend

We get it: you’re busy. Midterm season is upon us, and you’ve probably been behind your desk studying away or writing papers for most of the week. And if you’re a senior thesis writer, you most likely look like this:

A weekend night out could be exactly what you want, but it might not be the best thing for your productivity levels come Sunday. So, what can you do this weekend? Whether you normally choose not to drink, or if you just want to have a low key night that doesn’t involve alcohol, DAPA has come up with 10 fun #alternatives that you can do over any weekend:

  1. Pull a Honey Boo Boo: There’s nothing wrong with some alone time. Buy some of your favorite snacks, kick back, and relax.

2. Attend a sporting event: Did you know that Harvard has the most Division 1 athletic programs of any school in the country? There are always exciting competitions to attend, and hey, you never know when something crazy might happen.

Or when a team might win a national championship.

3. Exercise (or at least attempt to): It’s hard to squeeze in time for exercise during the week, but we do have access to some awesome gyms on campus. Or if you like the outdoors, running along the Charles is revitalizing and beautiful. Even if you’re not the most athletically inclined, there are a bunch of ways to be active over the weekend.

4. Play a board game (or any game!): Find a game that you haven’t played in a while and curb your competitive nature.

Or you can take it to another level and begin a game of assassins among your friends or in your house/dorm!


5. Just Dance: Create a playlist with your favorite songs and get jiggy with it. Whether it’s by yourself...

Or with others...

Dancing can be a fun way to let loose!

6. Watch TV: You probably don’t have time to watch TV during the week. Luckily, we get most channels with harvard.philo.com! And it even has a DVR feature, so you can catch up on your favorite shows over the weekend.

7. Grab a bite to eat: Whether you stay in the Square or venture into Boston, it’s always nice to have a break from HUDS. Try out a restaurant you’ve never been to or a cuisine you’ve never had. Exciting news: We’re getting a Mike’s Pastry soon!

You could even make it a date ;)

8. Attend a performance, show, or event: With such a large number of student groups on campus, there are always cool functions on the weekend. Whether it’s a student performance...

Or a guest speaker…

You’re sure to be entertained.

9. Hang out with friends: When we’re so busy with our own commitments, it can be hard to stay in touch with friends. Sometimes it’s fun to stay in and catch up.

10. Sleep: Midterms → Allnighters. Long weeks can often lead to some serious sleep deprivation. The best part of the weekend might be curling up into bed and catching some Zs.

Good luck with midterms everyone! Do yourself a favor, and do something fun this weekend! #alternatives

Love, DAPA