Amnesty Policy

Any student may bring an intoxicated or drug-impaired friend to Harvard University Health Services or to a hospital, or seek assistance from College residential life staff or HUPD, and by doing this, neither they nor the friend will face disciplinary action from the College for having used or provided alcohol or drugs. Further, if the consumption of alcohol or drugs took place at an event held, sponsored, organized or supported by a student group and the person who seeks assistance for the intoxicated or drug-impaired student was a member or guest of the student group involved, the College will weigh this fact heavily as a mitigating circumstance with respect to any potential disciplinary action with respect to the other members of the group. Conversely, the College will consider the failure to seek assistance by members of the student group as a factor when determining the appropriateness of any such disciplinary action. The College also may consider as mitigating factors the student group’s participation in the College’s annual education and training about responsible social events, as well as any efforts made by the hosts or officers to prevent the harmful or potentially harmful situation and their cooperation with the College in its investigation of the situation.