Welcome, New DAPAs!


There is a certain, indelible loyalty that I have for my fellow student that compels me to seek knowledge that could increase the health and safety of our community. This is why I joined DAPA.

This month DAPA welcomed its new class of DAPAs (“DAPlings”), and we are more than excited to welcome them all aboard. They all applied with different stories and reasons behind their commitment to our cause. Being a DAPA is a selfless endeavor that I have cherished for the last year. For the first few months of being a DAPA, they will have 33 hours of training. Each week, for three hours, DAPlings get together for a session that ranges from topics on drugs to evaluating the complexities of the high functioning alcoholic. These first months are crucial; it’s when we form indelible bonds, and truly absorb the knowledge that is so intrinsic to a Harvard DAPA. Relationships are also being formed between “Big” DAPAs and the DAPlings through a little-big program we are paired up with one another. It’s a second degree of orientation, and bonding. We learn just as much from each other as we do from our readings and guided presentations. Ultimately, each DAPA has a unique story, and a unique background, and we all join for different reasons. However, we are all united in our desire to promote safe habits and good times. Who knows what transformative initiatives will be sparked by the promising new additions to our membership- come back to check out what amazing things they do!

The Harvard DAPA Class of 2013:
Katini Mwangasha
Serena Haggerty
Dan Ryu
Joanna Guth
Nicole Baker-Greene
Nicole Sarvis
Jackie DelMuto
Amber Wade
Pat Steeves
Jilan Shimberg
Kelsey McKenna

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