June 2014


When you hear the term, BYOB, what do you normally think of? Bring your own bottle? beverage? beer? booze?

Marijuana Brownies

Marijuana is arguably the most controversial drug in the world today.
However, some research suggests edibles should receive their own debate.


Athletes and Dry Season

The spotlight on sports this month (Go Crimson!) got us thinking about how alcohol can affect the body and brain, as well as how it can limit athletic performance.


Study Drugs

Before you consider reaching for a study drug (stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin) to keep you up and productive, here are some things to keep in mind about the effects of these drugs.

Combining study drugs with:

-Decongestants (everyone’s sick right now, we know) can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels

Food Literacy Project: Substantial Food

Find yourself stuck with the task of filling out the DAPA Grant Application for your club’s party this weekend? It's difficult to coordinate food for parties because it's hard to decide what to provide, but then you notice that DAPA encourages “substantial foods.” What does that even mean? What kinds of foods qualify? Substantial foods are foods that take your body more time to metabolize compared to other food types. Therefore, in instances when someone is both eating and drinking alcohol, the alcohol is absorbed more slowly than it  would be otherwise.